Hi! I'm Marie Mikkonen, visual artist at Crealife.


Going for your dreams in the world can be so scary and draining, can’t it?

Especially if you are strong and sensitive.

There is nothing quite like it, feeling that calling in your heart.

There are so many challenges coming at you;

Fear. Pain. The need to make money.

It can be really hard.

Devoting yourself to a dream like that takes a lot of very specific sustenance.



Access to emotions like courage,

connection to your heart,


and trust.

Talismans help.

They allow you to come back to the inner space you need so you can persevere, move forward and thrive.

They are soul food that nourish your heart.




My job is to create paintings you can feel in your heart and support you in your essential dreams. I invite you to explore my site. If you like what you see, you can:

Sign up for my blog and read about the stories that give rise to my paintings. Download paintings on your computer,  buy affordable prints or cards of a painting or buy an artwork of your own.

If you are inspired by my paintings, you can schedule a complimentary call to see which painting would suit your heart. This is not a salesy conversation, but a meeting where we can determine that you and the painting you feel drawn to are a good fit, and there is no obligation to make a purchase.


Each painting you find on this site is lived through by me, and expressed by the grace of the Universe, through my hands onto canvas.



By the way, my intention is to be of service to you. And I struggle sometimes with being organized, so if there is a print you want, but you can’t find it, or a broken link, please contact me at marie@mariedtigermikkonen.fi and I will help you find what you want. 🙂

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